Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent Sanctuary Decorations

So one of the fun things we do at my church is this big round spinning mobile in the center of the sanctuary. It started as a Pentecost themed design, and we usually do it for Lent & Advent too. When the ceiling fans are turned on, it rotates slightly with the air current. It's really pretty in person- this year's is a little 'busier' than some years, but it's nice just the same (*IMHO* :) We have an ongoing 'friendly debate' about the colors of Advent- I always lean toward purple, and some lean toward blue ( which is what our paraments are) So when I make the mobile, there's a lot more purple involved :) Happy Advent <><


  1. So funny to find your blog. I am purplestamper and my blog is the colour purple. I am from Port Moody so close to the Pacific Northwest...I love stamping (hense the name) and am a Child of God too. So fun this world of technology. Have a great season celebrating the KING

  2. I love the Advent hanging on your blog! I'm also in the PNW and would love to connect about sanctuary decorations. I'm the chair of the Worship & Arts team at Wallingford United Methodist Church in Seattle. You can see photos of some of what we've done at

    I would love to connect with some other like-minded people who like to do more than conventional banners for sanctuaries. You can email me at spencer97m [at]


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