Friday, October 23, 2009

'Upcycling' ....

I just love that new 'buzzword' - well, new to me anyway...As stampers, haven't we been doing that already for years with our penchant for keeping every single thing that we could possible use someday ?? I love Goodwill ( altho' I must protest that they too have raised the prices on everything :( and I found this empty 'do-it-yourself' snowglobe there a long time ago ( and put it away to be 'upcycled' someday :) I had to pop the stopper out and add a little more water to it...probably why someone else gave up on it!) and while I was at it I added some gold glitter for a more fall-like look. I used a technique I learned from Mama Dina about cutting a stamped image apart and rearranging it- the sentiment is from Heart & Soul- then I just added a little color with an orange pencil. The leaf stamp is from Northwoods, again colored with pencils and a little gold gel ink pen. The words are handwritten in my own chicken scratch :)

I got the picture frame at Goodwill too- framed a fun little picture from a calendar page and added a leaf embellishment. I LOVE FALL :)

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