Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Summer HeatWave small Pictures, Images and Photos

We are in the midst of some brutally hot weather here in the Northwest- 105*....Too hot for this old lady :) Thank God for air conditioning! Normally when it's hot here it at least cools off in the evenings, and it doesn't last for too long...but this time we're setting some new records- highs and lows...I'll be glad when it's over :) and just as an FYI- Heart & Soul Rubber Stamp Co. is going to be closed for most of the month of August...but the good news is- that when it 'starts up' again in September there will be some new images to show. It's time for a vacation- and to take my 'baby girl' off to college...she's raring to go :) God Bless & Stay Cool <><

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  1. WoWzA, now THAT'S hot! It doesn't even get that hot down here!

    All you need is a nice l'il hurricane to cool things off!

    I kid .... but they DO cool things down!


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