Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Grad Cards

Every year I try to make a 'keepsake' card for the kids who send us graduation announcements- by completely tearing their announcement apart!!! :) Then I rearrange the pieces back into some 'collagey' style- some I sponge around the edges, others I mount on background paper..etc. You get the drift. So far- no one has protested ( maybe the check that comes with the card helps to ease the blow...heheheh) If I don't have to mail it, I add their initials or the year in Scrabble tiles. Each one turns out a little differently because, well, each announcement is different in it's own way.

Inside is some kind of verse I've printed on the computer in color-coordinated paper, and I tie the pages together with some of that super metallic embroidery floss- it kinda looks like a tassel when it unwinds.

This one's for one of my sweet nieces that I don't get to see often enough. Hi Miss Whitney <3


  1. This is absolutley gorgeous.

  2. How cool! Love it! Dropped in to say thanks for the shipment of stamps. I am definitely blogging about this pile O' stamps soon! Thank you! Did I say thanks! I mean really...THANKS!!!


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