Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scrappy Valentine's...

So I'm going to a card swap tomorrow- everyone brings 1 or 2 kits for us all, we go home with some great cards and good fellowship along the way. My offering for this month is made from my scrap paper drawer...I used a Heart & Soul stamp called 'heart swirls' for the ....well...swirly heart background. Then I used my square and heart punches to make the pieces from background paper scraps. The tiny heart in the right corner is another punch from some red holographic paper I had been saving...just for the occasion apparently :) I drew around different parts of the hearts with a glitter gel pen ( one of my best finds of last year) and topped it all off with some beautiful yarn with strands of gold in it. The sentiment inside says "You make my heart happy". That's all there was to it <><

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  1. That's all there was to make it seem SOOOO easy...beautiful work!

    Take care!



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