Wednesday, April 5, 2017

week six

this week I added some paper 'palms' and one cross in the middle as we anticipate Palm Sunday.....Here's an uncropped picture below so you can see just how big a space this is in :)  It's interesting to me, that's it's challenging to 'get it right' the first time...otherwise it creates extra trips up and down a long staircase on my old arthritic knees to lower and 'fix' it. It rarely is perfectly what I was shooting the one palm on the lower left that is quite a bit lower than everything else. I have to be careful not to get TOO low, or it obstructs the screens on the projectors :) As is the case here, I've just decided to 'let it ride' and see if it's ok. I'll be able to preview it tonight at our last Lenten Service (Holden Evening Prayer....which is one of my personal faves!!!) and adjust it before Sunday if needed. On to Jerusalem we go.....

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