Monday, November 3, 2014

Advent Tea Calendar

And I'm back with another Pinterest find  (here's the original pin)
Here's my 'take' on the idea! I found the mini bags at Michaels.....but I would probably just make my own next time. Each bag has a different tea in it- it gets a little expensive doing it that way ( PLUS they are mostly decaf - for a few of my friends) so I would recommend going together with a friend and splitting the cost. Or just make a bunch- they get progressively less expensive that way :) Another hint - next time I would make sure the tea bags are all individually wrapped.....I had to print some labels for some teas so folks would know what they were drinkin' :) I made the box from  12" cardstock and the lid from a transparency sheet. I also tucked in some chocolate truffles here and there to make the bags *stand at attention* :) I can't wait to give these to some special people in my life! 

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