Monday, April 29, 2013

A Ginormous *God Wink* :)

I have to share this. It's just too incredible not to! This week I was on the 'receiving' end of one of the best *God Winks* I've ever encountered :) I'm a firm believer in the '6 degrees of separation' concept- that we're all connected more closely than we usually figure out. And never is it truer than in the Body of Christ. I also think people are put in our lives for a reason ( HIS reasoning, not ours!) So- I have to say thank you to the sweet new friend I "met" this week who so graciously emailed me and the amazing story that has unfolded throughout the week :) How someone clear across the country could have so many experiences in common with me could only be orchestrated by a really amazing God.  Yay for the internet! And thank you Lord, for 'connecting the dots' this side of Heaven :) 

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