Saturday, January 5, 2013

ok. i'll get with the program now :)

I really have issues with thinking ahead. but I see everyone online making these beautiful Valentines and figure I'd better get with it too :) So I made this card for the *Sassy Stampers* card club I go to~ each person makes a 'kit' for everyone, so you go home with lots of fun cards!Plus, those gals are a hoot :) Dug deep into the scrap drawers for all the papers, and the stamps are Heart & Soul. I've been *purging* my stamp room closet....going through old magazines ( like....from 1999+ !) keeping the card samples I like, and ditching the rest with friends or Goodwill. Feels kinda nice. Whatever will I DO with all that extra room? YOU fill in the blank: buy more _____! Heh Heh. That's all I know for now :) ><>

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