Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prayer Request :)

So I don't normally ask for things from you, my blogland buddies....but today seems like a good day to start. Two of my young friends from church are currently in a pediatric surgical waiting room while their cute-as-a-bug almost 9 month old son is undergoing a very unique surgery to re-open his bony plates (in his sweet little head! ~ they have already grown together too soon, which doesn't give his growing brain any wiggle room, so to speak) I know first hand the feeling of sitting and waiting for a child to undergo difficult but necessary surgery. Thankfully ~ we know God is with them all in the OR and the waiting room, and we are sooo grateful for that! How do people get by without that Blessed Assurance ???? So if you'd join me in lifting Owen up to God in prayer, that would be awesome! The more, the merrier ><> and I'll keep you updated!

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