Thursday, June 18, 2009

NOW I can share....

....what I've been doing instead of stamping :) I made a quilt for my lovely daughter's 'blanket blessing' at church- a little ceremony we have for the graduating seniors. They receive a blanket to signify wrapping themselves in the love of their families & God- wherever the future takes them. This was so much fun for me because it was a total surprise to her! I 'fibbed' and let her think I was way too busy to make her a quilt...then I went ahead and made one in her future college school colors ( Yay Concordia St. Paul!) plus the color orange, which is kind of her favorite. A purple heart for mom, and one with kitty paws to remind her of home... so much fun! Oh yeah- I 'cheated' and had it machine quilted- I REALLY was too busy to quilt it by hand :) and they used a heart shaped pattern. I just love it, and I think she does too! <><

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  1. wow... awesome gift... what a great idea! and I'm sure it'll go with her wherever she goes!!!


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